15+1 reason to stay at Devraj Niwas

29 08 2012

We associate hotels with some of the best experiences in our lives. They are part of those vacations we take to exotic places, historic cities and lots of happy travelling memories.

Most of us can relate to the desire of making a hotel our home. Living in a hotel has its advantage- many of them. We love hotels because we’re pampered by the staff and quality hotels make us feel like royalty.

Here are 15 reasons why people choose to live in hotels and 15 reasons for which you should choose Devraj Niwas for your stay:

  1. There’s an entire staff at your service.
  2. Every day you come back to a freshly cleaned room, fresh towels and a remade bed.
  3. There is luxurious living space beyond your hotel room – in the lobby, the restaurant and bar area, the common spaces, and even the property’s outdoor patios and other grounds.
  4. Good hotels are located in premium locations, giving you access to the finest cultural things a city has to offer.
  5. There’s a concierge at our service when you’re looking for directions, things to do, or special services. It’s just like having a personal assistant.
  6. Food is just a phone call away.
  7. The customer service you receive from the hotel staff quickly becomes more personalized as they become familiar with you.
  8. You meet an ever-changing group of cultured and interesting people from all over the country or the world. You develop friendships with the hotel’s annual and regular guests.
  9. Your environment is secure because it’s surrounded by fellow guests, as well as hotel staff members who keep an eye on the property 24 hours a day.
  10.  Simplicity. You have just one bill rather than a flurry of charges for water, electricity, garbage collection, property taxes, maintenance, gardening services and so on.
  11. There is covered and secured parking, if you need or choose to have a vehicle at all.
  12. You can come and go as you please, without making any special preparations or accommodations, or worrying about the security of our belongings.
  13. If something malfunctions there are people to fix it.
  14. There’s no yard to maintain, no lawn to mow, no weeds to pull, no bushes and trees to prune.
  15. You can move out of the hotel without hassle. The same great staff will be there to greet and serve you.

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Hotel living isn’t for everybody, and it isn’t forever for most people. But there’s a reason why people choose to spend a few days or weeks in the lap of hotel luxury and convenience. We know our guests at Devraj Niwas, Jaipur love checking in and don’t like checking out.

And, there’s an added benefit of Devraj Niwas– “the spread of greenery” that you won’t find anywhere else in Jaipur.

Top 6 things Not to Eat on a First Date !!

23 08 2012

First dates might be awkward, but even if sparks don’t fly and emotions don’t run high right away, you should take certain food precautions.

A first date can be a nightmare of anxiety. You want to make a good impression, so you worry over what to wear, or you rehearse intelligent things to say. So please don’t ruin it all by ordering some wrong food at dinner that is likely to make you a source of comedy or embarrassment for the rest of the night.

What are these danger foods? Here is a list of the 6 foods that you all must avoid when dining with a new companion.

1)       Spaghetti
No matter how delicious it looks and tastes, spaghetti is a definite romantic deal killer. There’s nothing romantic about watching you Hoover up wayward strands of pasta or listening to the constant squeal of your fork against spoon or plate. And by the end of the meal, that hot outfit you’re wearing is guaranteed to be splattered with flecks of tomato-basil sauce.

2)      Soup
No matter how delicious, it’s a dating disaster. Like spaghetti, it’s impossible to eat gracefully: the slurping, the backsplash. When your server asks, “Soup or salad?” the answer is Salad. Always !!

3)      Garlic/Raw onion/Fish
Here is a guaranteed way to guarantee your date ends in nothing more than a handshake: Order a dish with garlic. You will have a bad breath and might not get a second date.

4)       Ice cream cone
A refreshing little cone seem adorably romantic on a summer day, but it’s a disastrous idea for three reasons. First, your date will be judging you from the get-go (Does plain strawberry mean she’s too conservative? Does bubble gum prove he’s immature?). Second, the minute you step outside, your rapidly melting ice cream makes you look messy as you have to lick it. This brings us to reason three: On any first date, avoid foods you have to lick.

5)      Hamburger

On a first date, never order food you eat with your hands. Hamburgers are messy. After three bites your arms are covered in a revolting slime of mayo, grease, and special sauce, and your tomato is hanging precariously from the back of your bun.

6)      Spinach

What’s wrong with spinach? At first glance, nothing -– but when you get back home at the end of the night to see that gross piece of green stuck to your front tooth you’ll know exactly why she didn’t seem to have a very good time.

Kebab Nights at Devraj Niwas

18 08 2012

Succulent, juicy, crispy and undoubtedly, mouth-watering-kebabs are a sure way to make the most of this pleasant weather in pink city.

These mouth melting meat or vegetable grilled skewer dishes are liked by one and all and are sure to satisfy any palate.With the lush and lavish ambiance of Devraj Niwas and its outdoor dining area, the taste only gets better.

You order a kebab, wiping a trickle of saliva that escapes the corner of your mouth. You dream of how good it’s going to be. The big moment arrives. You’re excited. Inevitably, you go for more.

And you can be sure it’s fresh – everyone else is eating them too.

Monsoon Magic at Forresta

10 08 2012

After days of sticky, humid weather, the cooling monsoons are finally here in Jaipur, providing some relief from the heat. Despite the pools of water and the slush, the city is absolutely beautiful in the rains, as long as you know where to catch it.

Forresta Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place to celebrate this weather in the alfresco ambience and delectable cuisine. Our chefs prepare the finest Indian as well as continental dishes with traditional spices and complex flavors sure to please the most discriminating palate.  If you have never experienced fine Indian cooking, you are in for a unique treat.

Not only the cuisine but the environs are another thing worth experiencing at Forresta. You’re sure to fall in love with the naturally misty atmosphere and the breezy evenings which soothe your mind and body. This wonderful feeling is perfectly complemented by the most authentic cuisine along with an assorted variety of cocktails served here.

Come and experience our open air, delicious food and green ambiance. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the cloudy evenings and the aroma of the food at Forresta Kitchen and Bar this monsoon.


Special offers at Forresta

1 08 2012

Forresta Kitchen and Bar is a comparatively new entrant in the food horizon of Jaipur but there is no doubt that it clearly distinguishes itself from the other well known restaurants in the city. Forresta does not just offer you a regular menu and a stable bar but it believes it bringing along something special for you every day. Beer tower and home delivery are some examples which we have introduced and they surely set apart our restaurant along with the ambience and taste which have always been the main appeal of the place.


But this is not the end. We have again come up with a unique way of making you feel special when you pay a visit to this place. There are some new offers available at Forresta :

  • Buy 6 drinks of Signature Whisky and get one Non veg/ Veg Starter free
  • Buy 6 drinks(30 ML each)  of Black Dog 12 y.o and get one Non Veg/ Veg Starter free
  • Buy 2 Vladivir Vodka and get 1 free

With the new month starting today we will have more promotions coming up this season.

So visit Forresta Kitchen and Bar for a relaxing ambience, your favorite bar, delicious food and special offers which will let you enjoy all of them together.


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