Experience a perfect combo of fine dining, lounge and delicious food at Forresta Kitchen & Bar

26 03 2014

A combo of a bar, restaurant and lounge exists amidst  all the chaos and in the heartland of  pink city . The lush green serene Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Jaipur, has an eclipsed outdoor setting and soothing ambiance for a perfect alfresco dinner.


It is complimented by a well stocked bar serving the best cocktails in the middle of the lavish setting.  The vibes of the place are fresh and young. The music is apt and has an up class sophisticated crowd many of whom have dined in the finest restaurants of the world. Forresta is ideal for parties to candlelight dinners to spending solo time with the most exquisite dining and drinking options.


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In a zone, where east meets west, you can expect the best of all worlds on your platter. The menu card is a new world in itself with a multi cuisine variety of food, great Italian plethora and the presentation finesse marks the finest of nuances in the edible world . All this you can owe to the huge experience and global exposure of the in-house chefs . Adding to that are their experimental and innovative skills, the fusion of which, results in the most taste bud tantalizing, mood uplifting and sense stimulating vegetarian delicacies and non-vegetarian food available in Jaipur, right in the neighborhood of the main railway station.

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It has the aroma to kick in your appetite aggressively. Though the service is quick but be rest assured that even that minuscule wait would set your stomach growling and who knows, may make you experience hunger pangs as never dreamt of before but voila! then comes the dream in the form of ultimate satiation through the medium of a platter. Also don’t forget to try the whole new arena of dishes added to the menu !


With a very warm and trained hospitality staff as an ultimate cherry on the cake you can  set yourself for one of the best multicuisine restaurants in Jaipur also counted among the best Italian restaurants in the foodie pink city. So come down for the most refreshing endeavors of mind, body and soul that will be like a fresh breath of air in the otherwise hot land of Rajasthan! 🙂



Color Your Holi Celebrations with Our Delightful New Dishes

15 03 2014

img_1376Foreigners celebrating Holi in Jaipur

One of the delights of this season is right here- the unique Holi festival, when you put on your oldest clothes and have jolly time splashing colors and water on your friends & family. This carefree festival is a great fun if you enjoy getting wet and colored. And Jaipur folk know how to celebrate traditional Holi festival in style.

This weekend is going to be a long one with lot to celebrate. Be in Jaipur and enjoy the dazzling celebration of Holi with a colorful display of local culture through its people, melodious music, folk dancers and exciting traditional competitions. Just let your spirit free and enter into a different world of merriment.
292777_475133459184712_353558547_nDevraj Niwas, basked in the beauty of nature

You’re invited to enjoy the real zest & loveliness of this colorful festival with comfortable and relaxing stay at the Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. Devraj Niwas Jaipur has plenty of charm and character to make your stay in the pink city memorable. Pitched in the backdrop of lush greenery, the charming Devraj Niwas is a peaceful retreat at just 5 minutes drive from the main bus stand and railway station.

Get a chill!

Get a chill!

Besides, high spirits, hypnotic beats, colors and craziness, there is more to offer you. To ensure that this year festival of color leaves you with colorful memories, we have new additions to the menu. The newly launched menu includes dishes that stand out. Drench yourself in Holi-colors and add colors of happiness to it by relishing delightful ‘Just Arrived’ dishes at the Forresta Kitchen & Bar.




Make your bookings at-
Address: Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.
Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660

Dine Out on Discount

10 03 2014

When great food comes with great discount, pleasure of eating out magnifies. Your pocket will smile to know that the Forresta Kitchen & Bar is now up with great OFFERS on food and drinks.


Without burning your pocket, you can now obtain the bliss of absolute fullness by enjoying Kingly delight ‘Sikandri Raan’ complemented with 1 Dal Makhani and 2 Naan/Roti at just Rs 1200. A wonderful opportunity to cut dining bills without compromising on taste !


Since your hunger for discount and delicious food is addressed, go ahead and make those calls to invite your near and dear ones to dine at the Jaipur’s finest restaurant, The Forresta Kitchen & Bar.

 Make your bookings at

Address: Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.
Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660.

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