The Forresta hosts debut tour of Night Wings III- “Democracy Under Siege”

29 06 2012

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur is enthusiastic about music and is benevolent to music lovers of pink city. We have hosted a number of musical events with stalwarts like Prem Joshua, Runa Rijvi and Shye Ben-Tzur. And we are only too happy to add to this list a musical band which needs no introduction- Night Wings III.

Night WIngs III at Forresta, Devraj Niwas

Night wings III is built on four pillars, which not only love music, but are also creating a revolution with their own tunes and songs. Totally opposed to herd mentality and set standards of society, Night Wings III spread its wings from under the heap of bones and ashes to celebrate the freedom of being yourself.

The band derives inspiration from rage, freedom, hate, wrath, frustration, religious cult, true democracy, solitude, free thinking and eternal salvation. The music is for anyone who love being himself and is strong enough to raise a voice against the hypocrites who rule the world in an almost dictative manner, or the religious bodies who bound the world in chains of superstition and fear, or anyone who stands in their way to freedom. The music inspires the weak, neglected and fragile to realize their strength.

A quick introduction to band members reveal that behind the drums is Mayank , assisted by Jatin at guitar and Aniket at bass and the vocals are given by Anish. Always thriving, always energetic, this band has got enough mettle to its metal. The band creates peace through heavy metal, hushing every sound in this chaotic world except theirs and, your own!

Night Wings III

The band onsets their debut tour “Democracy Under Siege” this weekend at The Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. We recommend that you grab your passes as soon as possible. Lose yourself in enigmatic hold of Night Wings III as they stir the stage!

Forresta Kitchen and Bar

Devraj Niwas

To collect your passes, call +91-9929999599 or drive to Devraj Niwas, Khasa Kothi Crossing, Jaipur.

Forresta: A perfect place for relaxation

27 06 2012

While good food and good customer service are crucial for return business, the ambience of a restaurant is the most important factor. We want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. Restaurant design sets the stage for customer’s dining experience.

The design of Forresta is a perfect balance between a welcoming ambience and maximum seating capacity.

Silence is definitely not golden here. Music sets the tone just as much as the style of the menu or the artwork on the walls.

Forresta Kitchen and Bar offers you a relaxing ambiance irrespective of the weather conditions. Along with the delicious food and drinks, the mist spray creates a wonderfully cool and romantic atmosphere making the place appropriate for every occasion.

Check Our Menu!

20 06 2012

Click here for our HOME DELIVERY menu-

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Forresta Fiesta at your doorstep now!!

19 06 2012

Really want to have scrumptious food at your favorite restaurant but can’t step out due to bad weather?  Feeling hungry and need to have your desired food but too busy in office?…why not pick up the phone and order the food?

We’re just a call away now..
Yes you read it right!! Forresta, now brings the added benefit of home delivery system to deliver you The Forresta Kitchen & Bar feel at home itself. Check out our Menu Card and just order your wish list!

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Getting your lunch or dinner delivered is like having the food come to you rather than spending the energy to go to the place and searching for the right kind of choices. The food delivery system is not only a much faster and convenient way to have a meal but it is also less expensive than you think. Though it is true that food delivery calls for an added charge and a minimal order but it is still less costly than you going out for the food. Remember the petrol prices have gone up?

When the weather is too hot or you’re too busy to go out, let us deliver the food to you.

That’s what makes us different from having a take-out meal or going through a drive-through; you don’t have to go out. Let us worry about the traffic and you rest prettily at your place. You will not have to worry about the cold tikka or a dripping roll or your sweets getting soggy as we ensure good quality food in no time.

We also offer 10% discount on all the take away orders and home delivery for the next three months.

Now food is just a call away…

Call   +91-90012-79111, +91-90012-79222

The beginning of a Cocktail ..

15 06 2012

What is a cocktail? A gorgeous simple thing: a mixture of flavors and spirits that kindles the appetite, delights the eye, and stimulates the mind. Stirred, neat, shaken, dirty, on the rocks, with a kick, or bottoms up, however you order them; everyone loves a fine cocktail. They have inspired famous artists, world leaders, poets, socialite parties, the title for a cheesy 1988 Tom Cruise film, a genre of above-the-knee dresses, business executives and bar tenders’ creativity. The cocktail has inculcated itself into our historical and popular literary culture, often becoming as iconic as the famous men and women who drank them.

Is it possible for you to imagine Winston Churchill without a Martini in hand or a book by Hemmingway that didn’t describe numerous cocktail variations? But, have you ever wondered where and when your favorite 5 o’clock drink came from? Where do Mojitos really come from?  Here’s the story of the classic Mojito and the controversial tale behind it.

The Mojito

A drink of sailors? Traditionally made using white rum, sugar or sugar cane juice, lime, carbonated water and mint muddled together, many believe the Mojito is quite possibly the world’s first cocktail. Although the picture of hardened sailors drinking rum mixed with mint, lime and sugar may not match your image of straight-from-the-bottle gulping pirates, the Mojito has been enjoyed in as early as the 16th century.

One story traces the origins of the Mojito back to 16th century Cuba, where the drink was called the “El Draque” in honor of explorer and sailor Sir Francis Drake. Legend has it that the drink was first created as a means of covering up the often harsh taste of tafia/aguardiente, a primitive form of rum. The drink improved greatly during the 19th century with the introduction of copper stills that led to the modern (and much better tasting) form of rum. The contemporary name for the drink probably comes from a Cuban sauce called mojo, which is made from garlic, olive oil and citrus juice. Perhaps in reference to lime as a main ingredient, the drink became known as a cocktail with “a little mojo” or, in Spanish, a “Mojito.” While the Mojito may be one of the world’s first cocktails, it certainly has not waned in popularity over the years. In fact, the drink first invented to make bad rum tolerable is now a widely popular cocktail around the world and is an especially popular and refreshing summer drink.

Shop till you drop!!

14 06 2012

Few cities promise such a complete experience as Jaipur. Name a thing you want and you’ll get it here. Jaipur offers it all, whether it is Jaipur’s famous quilts, blue pottery, jewellery, textiles, handicrafts, miniature paintings, hand-made papers and stationeries or anything else you may desire of.

Local markets of Jaipur are famous for keeping the traditional culture of this regal Rajputana state alive. A stroll in these markets will open up to you a world of art and culture that has been preserved for ages.

But even if you are addicted to shopping and roaming around in malls that offer it all, you need not be disappointed. Jaipur has over a dozen of malls to fill your need of mall-crawls.

Some of the malls, popular in Jaipur for their high-end shopping and entertainment quotient are:

1. Gaurav Tower:  Gaurav Tower is an architectural masterpiece, the one that is naturally airy & well lit from all sides with spacious passages, courtyards, delightful fountains and huge spacious parking slots. Situated in an area of 200,000 sq. feet area, this mall attracts a footfall of about 20,000 people a day.

Gaurav Tower Jaipur

2.The MGF Metropolitan Mall: MGF Metropolitan sprawls over  250,000 sq. ft. area and houses some of the big and popular stores like Lifestyle, food courts, Big Bazaar, entertainment zones all under one single roof which has facilitated the shopping in Jaipur.

Metropolitan Mall Jaipur

3. Triton Mall: With a convenient location and large sprawling area, the Triton Mall in Jaipur is home to over 160 luxurious stores and exclusive shops. The mall can prove to be delight for the shopaholics. If you want to seek pleasure from the international shopping style, experience the exquisite dining, feel the pulsating entertainment and get lost amidst the magical charm of cinema then a visit to the Triton Mall is a must for you.

Triton Mall Jaipur

4.Pink Square Mall: Newest in the lot, Pink Square mall is the foremost luxurious shopping mall in Jaipur. Being one of the happening shopping joints especially for its event organizations, this Jaipur shopping arena has a wide collection of items from traditional to modern apparels, confectionary to pizzas, electronics to toy and many more.

Pink Square Mall Jaipur

So all you shopaholics, shop till you drop when you stay at Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. Make your bookings at-

Address: Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.

Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660.

Living And Loving In The Lap Of Nature: A Stay-cation at Devraj Niwas, Jaipur!

8 06 2012

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

Planning a weekend getaway, but want to save on your time? Devraj Niwas, Jaipur offers you a pretty package. Blanketed by foliages, this place will be a refreshing break from your regular get-aways.


Amble through the plush gardens and get drifted with the misty fragrance  wafting in the atmosphere. The courtyards are covered in soothing shades of green to help you unwind your senses.

Get a chill!

Choose from a variety of our 21 elegantly-designed and tastefully crafted luxurious rooms to relax and rejuvenate.

Luxurious Rooms

Dine and wine in style with some of the best delicacies we have. And be assured, you will crave for more.

Satiate Your Senses!

Your stay-cation at Devraj Niwas, Jaipur will be a memorable affair.

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