The Forresta hosts debut tour of Night Wings III- “Democracy Under Siege”

29 06 2012

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur is enthusiastic about music and is benevolent to music lovers of pink city. We have hosted a number of musical events with stalwarts like Prem Joshua, Runa Rijvi and Shye Ben-Tzur. And we are only too happy to add to this list a musical band which needs no introduction- Night Wings III.

Night WIngs III at Forresta, Devraj Niwas

Night wings III is built on four pillars, which not only love music, but are also creating a revolution with their own tunes and songs. Totally opposed to herd mentality and set standards of society, Night Wings III spread its wings from under the heap of bones and ashes to celebrate the freedom of being yourself.

The band derives inspiration from rage, freedom, hate, wrath, frustration, religious cult, true democracy, solitude, free thinking and eternal salvation. The music is for anyone who love being himself and is strong enough to raise a voice against the hypocrites who rule the world in an almost dictative manner, or the religious bodies who bound the world in chains of superstition and fear, or anyone who stands in their way to freedom. The music inspires the weak, neglected and fragile to realize their strength.

A quick introduction to band members reveal that behind the drums is Mayank , assisted by Jatin at guitar and Aniket at bass and the vocals are given by Anish. Always thriving, always energetic, this band has got enough mettle to its metal. The band creates peace through heavy metal, hushing every sound in this chaotic world except theirs and, your own!

Night Wings III

The band onsets their debut tour “Democracy Under Siege” this weekend at The Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Devraj Niwas, Jaipur. We recommend that you grab your passes as soon as possible. Lose yourself in enigmatic hold of Night Wings III as they stir the stage!

Forresta Kitchen and Bar

Devraj Niwas

To collect your passes, call +91-9929999599 or drive to Devraj Niwas, Khasa Kothi Crossing, Jaipur.

Let go your deadline fear COZ Saturday night is here !

17 03 2012

If you love music, and if you really enjoy listening to live music bands get ready to enjoy the rocking music with glass of wine and sumptuous food in celestial ambiance.

Yeah! The Forresta Kitchen & Bar is all set to begin days filled with glitz, glamour, fabulous food & drinks in concert with Live musical performance!

Saturday night is packed with live performances from various bands. They have enough music in their heads to keep you busy till the end of time! The music enhances the mood of the place and is conducive to conversation.

So this Saturday ease you back into your stress free state of mind with a mélange of delicate sonic flavors from around the world!!!

You just need to sit back and let someone entertain you with live music?

Come along with family & friends and get into a groovy mood to enjoy exotic cuisines & sparkling spirits with Live Band Performance in the backdrop at Devraj Niwas.

Devraj Niwas, Near Moti Mahal Cinema

Bani Park, Jaipur.

Call at- 0141-2200550,+9001277999, +9001277333

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