5 Dishes You Should Definitely Eat in Jaipur

8 09 2017

Jaipur is famous for its imposing monuments, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. The food items from the city are so popular that every food lover must have at least heard of them. You will rarely find a person who has never heard the names daal, baati, churma. But mind you, Pink City has much more to offer other than these. The city has as much for non-veg foodies as for vegetarians. The food here is heavenly and you should definitely try the following dishes when in Jaipur-

Keema Baati


This is not your regular plain or masala baati. Keema baati is stuffed with keema or minced meat. To make the stuffing, keema is mixed with aromatic spices and is cooked till tender. Baati stuffed with the prepared minced meat is then baked on slow flame. The exterior is crunchy while the contents inside just melt in your mouth. This heritage dish of Rajasthan is certainly a must relish.

Laal Maas

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Probably the most well-known non-veg recipe from Jaipur, Laal Maas is for you if you are into really hot food. Tender pieces of meat coupled with thick gravy is every foodie’s dream. The gravy is full of hot red chilies. Everyone coming to Jaipur wants to get taste of this royal fare and we are sure that you don’t want to miss out either.

Gatta Masala

Besan Gutta Curry

Chickpea flour is a huge part of Rajasthani cuisine. In gatta masala, dumplings made of chickpea flour are the main ingredients. The tangy gravy is made using generous quantities of yogurt. The dish is not too spicy so anyone can enjoy its decadent flavours.



This famous yogurt drink has the power to revive your senses with just a few sips. Sweet and sour flavours of Jaipur’s Makhaniya Lassi will make you go wow. Lassi here is served with dollops of butter. This is one drink that will make you forget all other soft and hard drinks.



Another specialty of Jaipur, Ghevar is a sweet-dish made of refined flour and milk. It is dipped in sugar syrup for sweetness. You can have it plain like this or if you want a richer experience, try ghevar topped with condensed milk and dry fruits. There is one condition though, ghevar is available only during the holy Saawan month but this sweet is so yummy that you would want to come to Jaipur every Saawan just for ghevar.

Forresta Kitchen and Bar at Devraj Niwas, Jaipur is the place to sink your teeth in authentically prepared Jaipur-delights. We follow the original recipes to give your taste buds the zest they crave.

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar
Ground Floor, Devrajniwas, Near Moti Mahal Cinema, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302016

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Guests Speak about -The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

6 07 2013

Our guest have always inspired us and their feed back is of utmost importance. We feel blessed when our services are recognized and appreciated at the same time.

We are honored to receive such recognition from our guests and its pleasure for us to share the same with you all.

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar


By: Sumit Jain

Although I had visited the restaurant earlier also but it was a day time inside affair. We went this Saturday night and I can say the feel was just awesome and one of its kind. The mist air coming from everywhere was just soothing.

Loved the Dahi ke kebab in veg starters and Murgh Nawabi tikka in non veg – both were exclusive. Junglee Maans in maincourse was equally superb.

Yes, the restaurant is little on higher side to hit the pocket but yes the enjoyment is higher than what you pay.


By: Ankita Agrawal

I came to know about forresta around 2 years back from a friend, and since then, we have been regular visitors here. This is the first place that comes to my mind when i think of a nice, serene dinner with friends or family.

Forresta boasts of a wonderful ambience, which justifies its name completely. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, and i would anytime go for the outdoor one. Even the indoor area is great, but i love the outdoor one, with small candlelit tables, surrounded by greenery and an open bar at the centre of the dining area. The whole scene creates a wonderful atmosphere, esp in evenings. Also, during summers, there are sprinklers which make the weather so smooth that no one would hesitate sitting outside.

As for the food, all preparations are really delicious, and good in quantity. Service is decent.

The prices are a little on the higher side, but justified for the kind of experience that the place has to offer.

It definitely deserves couple of visits and is one of the best places for fine dining according to me.

Review #3

By: Vidhi Bhagat

Amazing ambience!! The outside and inside is a great place to sit ! specially outside is just one of a kind experience. And good food is just an icing on the cake! We ordered spring rolls and corn and mushroom kebabs and both were great! We ordered veg hakka noodles and they were fine , nothing as great as our starters though

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar


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The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

Devraj Niwas,
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