Devraj Niwas, Jaipur Hosts a Book Launch Event

23 03 2015

At the Devraj Niwas Jaipur, we love hosting special events and social gatherings for our guests. Convenient location in the heart of Jaipur city, makes us an ideal venue for every celebration – be it a family reunion, birthday, anniversary, cocktail party or a business dinner.

A leading Jaipur based branding and marketing firm, Pathfynder Solutions recently chose us to launch their coffee table book “Soul of Rajasthan”  at a press conference.

Our courteous and friendly staff with their excellent service ensures that your every need is amply met and you carry out your event smoothly and efficiently. Adding to it is the beautiful green ambiance that seamlessly blends nature with contemporary facilities. We can accommodate 40 to 300 pax.

Plan your next event or meeting with us and be assured of unforgettable experience.

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

Make your bookings at-
Address: Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.
Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660

Forresta Kitchen & Bar Awarded ‘Best Alfresco Bar’ In Jaipur At Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2015

24 02 2015

The aroma of spices was wafting through the air of Hotel Marriott, Jaipur where Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2015 was being held last night. Midst the arena of beautiful stalls and different kinds of set ups, what stood well-lit and classy was the stall of The Forresta Kitchen & Bar.

Our Stall at Hotel Marriot, Jaipur

Our Stall at Hotel Marriot, Jaipur

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar was elated for being recognized and awarded as the Best Alfresco Bar in the ‘Luxurious Nightlife Category’ at  Times Food Awards Jaipur, 2015.

We are elated and extremely grateful for being nominated and awarded the India’s oldest and most prestigious critic-backed Food and Nightlife Award 2015 under the categoryBest Alfresco Bar in the Luxurious Nightlife. Thank you jury and all those who voted for us and made us win this glorious recognition.

Forresta Kitchen & Bar Wins Times Food Awards 2015

The night of Food Oscars welcomed a glut of gastronomes and glitterati to celebrate an evening that offered a smorgasbord of flavors and cuisines unmatched in taste.

Such recognition not only brings us honor and happiness but also boosts our spirits and inspires us to serve and pamper you better. This acknowledgment is very special to us. It signifies positive feedback from those who matter to us the most- our dear guests. Without your continuous love and support, we could not have made it to where we are today. Thank you, again! We really appreciate your love. 🙂


4 Eid special delicacies to relish tonight

29 07 2014

It’s Eid Al-Fitr today ! It’s a special day and no special day should go without some special food delights for the foodies in Jaipur 🙂 Here are a few dishes which will make this occasion more auspicious and unforgettable 🙂

1.  Sikandri Raan

This marinated leg of lamb dish cooked in a deliciously spicy masala with touch of royalty will make this a night to remember 😉

sikandari raan forresta

2. Seekh Kebab

These mint flavored delicious Mutton mince kebabs will redefine the meaning of ‘appetizer’ at Forresta Kitchen and Bar !

Seekh Kebab Forresta

3. Murg Biryani

The all time favorite Chicken Biryani with lots of spices will be as luscious as it looks and as satiating as it gets.

Chicken Biryani Forresta

4. Lal maas

Is your mouth already watering? This spicy mutton preparation of Rajasthan made by marinating tender pieces of red meat in a spicy yoghurt-based masala and slow cooking it over coal is worth the fiery taste that stays on your tongue for longer than you can imagine 😀

Lal Maans Forresta

So just smile and get ready to try these ultimate dishes in the pleasant ambiance of Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Jaipur tonight !!

Eid Mubarak 🙂

Crispy Monsoon Bite – Veg Kurkuri

15 07 2014

The rains are finally here and we know how monsoon cravings are. To tide over those monsoon cravings, we diversify our already innovative menu with a dish that is simply irresistible- Veg Kurkuri. This yummy, crispy snack is savored with green chutney made of mint, coriander (cilantro) with chillies and ketchup. We are sure you can feel its crisp in your mouth already. Feast on crispy veg- kurkuri and welcome the season.

Veg Kurkuri

Veg Kurkuri

We strive to create dishes that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Like our other dishes, veg kurkuri too is exclusive to Forresta. A platter of veg- kurkuri and hot masala chai are an unbeatable combination for wet days. This will give you crisp & warm feeling inside and make the pouring day perfect.

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

Eating is a great pleasure at the Forresta. Surrounded by lush greenery, its pleasant and cozy ambiance allows you to sit down and focus on eating and savour your food in the company of your friends and family. Waste no time. Take the opportunity of weather, share a crispy evening with your close-ones and enjoy sinfully delicious monsoon bite – ‘Veg Kurkuri’ at the Forresta Kitchen Bar & Restaurant.

Alfresco Dining at the Forresta

Alfresco Dining at the Forresta

Now you can delight in Forresta’s food at your home too. We offer home delivery services also. Dial 9001279111 or 9001279222 & get it delivered at your doorstep.

Murg Taka Tak : A new entry in menu !!

21 05 2014

Murg Taka Tak: When the name sounds so peppy and musical, the dish is bound to be a favorite among all the non-vegetarian lovers in Jaipur 😉
This yummy dish gets its name from the sound of spoon hitting the pan and breaking up the food while it cooks – taka tak is the rhythm of chopping.

Murg Takatak- The Forresta Kitchen and Bar

This new delicious boneless chicken dish at Forresta Kitchen and Bar is cooked in a fascinating style where the chicken mince is broken with metal or wooden spatula while cooking and it turns out to be a perfect chatpati delicacy that tastes best with any kind of bread and raita 🙂

So all you non-veggies in pink city, you have a new tempting dish to order and look forward to this time when you visit Forresta Kitchen and bar for a fun lunch or an exotic dinner meal. See you soon !!

#KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

9 05 2014

With the live screening of Rajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, most ecstatic and enjoyable beer games, Forresta’s charm and the pink mood of Jaipur, #KFBeerUp once again rocked the evening for Jaipurites last night i.e 8th May 2014. For second time in a row, Forresta Kitchen and Bar hosted Kingfisher’s one of the most popular and happening events #KFBeerUp 2014 in Jaipur with it’s Jaipur Edition and drove the crowd crazy !!

#KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

Before we start talking about the event, let’s start from the fact that why is it called ‘Beerup’. The name comes from ‘Tweetup’ which is an event where people who tweet come together to meet in person. A tweetup is a great opportunity to really connect with the people in your network and share just a little more than 140 characters at a time, and when this connection involves chilled beer, lots of fun and Forresta, then #KFBeerUp 2014 is what takes place !!

Kingfisher #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at The Forresta Kitchen and Bar

Talking of ‘experiential marketing’, this event set a great example. Being one of the best events in Jaipur, this event saw a new and fresh face of social and digital media marketing where an event infused brand enthusiasm among the twitter users and gave a kingly feel to the beer lovers.

Kingfisher Beer, a very popular brand known nationwide organized this event for the twitter community. A tweetup for beer lovers that limited to “Twitter Users” only! Kingfisher promises #KFBeerup in a city one month in advance and if you have registered you can drink as much Kingfisher Premium Beer and have as many delectable floating snacks as you want, which might even leave you floating at the end of the night 😉

In the backdrop of the adventurous forest type ambiance and lush green environs, the event kicked off with a lot of enthusiastic faces, foot-tapping music and head-rolling beer games 😀

The Forresta Kitchen and bar hosted #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition

The event was captured live and live tweets were done from the venue itself. The word started spreading and twitter world buzzed with hash tag “#Kfbeerup” as people tagged their friends on twitter to inform them about the #Kfbeerup. Pathfynder captured the event live where pictures were clicked and live tweets were done from the venue itself.


The rocking event began with #KFBeerSipper where turn by turn, men and ladies participated and all they had to do was sip up the beer as fast as possible !!

#KFBeerSipper at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition hosted by The Forresta Kitchen and Bar   #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at The Forresta Kitchen and Bar

By now everyone was almost buzzing in the trance of fun and beer, and the magic was multiplied by 100 times with the music being played by DJ Jasmeet.

We moved on to the next game ; #KFBeerSucker !! It was time to get a little naughty 😉 There was a team of boy and girl each and the girls had to help the boys suck up all the beer from the milk bottles, sounds a little funny right? But then what else were there for 😉 And just to inform you guys, Jaipur Jugheads broke all the records by finishing the race in 1.29 seconds and became the best sucker in India 😀

Live tweeting of #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen and bar

Then came #KFBeerPong where in the drunken state, two teams of boys had to chug and throw balls into the opponents’ beer glasses and whoever dropped more balls in the given time would win !! #JaipurJugheads surely did very well even though they did very well even though they did not break the record.

#KFBeerPong game at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen and bar Live tweeting of #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen and bar

The last but not the least game of the evening; #KFBeerPitcher with two teams of 4 guys each and whoever finishes the pitcher first, falls down :p and WINS 😀 Guess what?? Jaipur Jugheads broke this record too and set a new national record and showed the the country what they are made of !!

#KFBeerPitcher at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen & Bar

The games were over but the party wasn’t !! All the Jaipur Jugheads were seen dancing and chilling with all their energy letting the music take control 🙂 Prizes were distributed to the winners of games.

Prize Distribution to winners at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen & Bar Prize Distribution to winners at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen & Bar Prize Distribution to winners at #KFBeerUp Jaipur Edition at the Forresta Kitchen & Bar

We will surely be awaiting the next #KFBeerUp in Jaipur, but till then, keep partying at the Forresta Kitchen and Bar !! 🙂

Experience a perfect combo of fine dining, lounge and delicious food at Forresta Kitchen & Bar

26 03 2014

A combo of a bar, restaurant and lounge exists amidst  all the chaos and in the heartland of  pink city . The lush green serene Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Jaipur, has an eclipsed outdoor setting and soothing ambiance for a perfect alfresco dinner.


It is complimented by a well stocked bar serving the best cocktails in the middle of the lavish setting.  The vibes of the place are fresh and young. The music is apt and has an up class sophisticated crowd many of whom have dined in the finest restaurants of the world. Forresta is ideal for parties to candlelight dinners to spending solo time with the most exquisite dining and drinking options.


forresta (4)

In a zone, where east meets west, you can expect the best of all worlds on your platter. The menu card is a new world in itself with a multi cuisine variety of food, great Italian plethora and the presentation finesse marks the finest of nuances in the edible world . All this you can owe to the huge experience and global exposure of the in-house chefs . Adding to that are their experimental and innovative skills, the fusion of which, results in the most taste bud tantalizing, mood uplifting and sense stimulating vegetarian delicacies and non-vegetarian food available in Jaipur, right in the neighborhood of the main railway station.

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It has the aroma to kick in your appetite aggressively. Though the service is quick but be rest assured that even that minuscule wait would set your stomach growling and who knows, may make you experience hunger pangs as never dreamt of before but voila! then comes the dream in the form of ultimate satiation through the medium of a platter. Also don’t forget to try the whole new arena of dishes added to the menu !


With a very warm and trained hospitality staff as an ultimate cherry on the cake you can  set yourself for one of the best multicuisine restaurants in Jaipur also counted among the best Italian restaurants in the foodie pink city. So come down for the most refreshing endeavors of mind, body and soul that will be like a fresh breath of air in the otherwise hot land of Rajasthan! 🙂



Go Cheesy over samosas this weekend !

22 02 2014

Who doesn’t like to get cheesy sometimes? For those unending desire and the hard-to-let-go-of craving of the melting cheese with the spicy Indian touch, Forresta has introduced especially for all you chatoras, Cheese Samosas !!


Since You all have always seen samosas as that spicy fried potato filled dish often filled with peas, lentils, onions, we thought of doing this little snack a little hatke ! So have your own favorite dish samosas a little Italian way i.e. filled with lots of pleasurable cheese that will scintillate your taste buds as soon as they touch your lips 😉

So come over and give it a bite 😀


Devraj Niwas, Jaipur Invites You For Exciting January Events

7 01 2014

Jaipur never runs out of events to play a host to your visit in the city. The pink city, where festivals and celebrations are common place all through the year has just wrapped up the New Year celebrations and stepped into a new year, new month : “Frosty January”.

1501844_684754921555897_1140860655_n (1)
This January is all set to charm you not just by the rich heritage of the city but with a plethora of exciting events, involving a plenty of things to do and enjoy. Let’s know what all events making Jaipur worth visiting this month –

Décor India Show 2014

The show brings multitude options for you to handpick interiors to suit your taste and budget. At the exhibition, there will be interior designers and architects as well to help you out. If you wish to makeover your office/home, this is the perfect place to lookout for latest style and global trends.

Dates : Jan 09-13, 2014
Venue : Amrudon Ka Baagh, Jaipur

Jaipur Vintage Car Rally

If you’re a vintage car aficionado, you just can’t afford to miss this eye-catching extravaganza of classic beauties in the pink city. The gloriously resplendent cars of yester years in all their regal beauty will be lined-up to leave you with awe. This January, the royal Jaipur is ready to show you its royal attitude with pleasing vintage cars rallies. Not just for the cars but to experience the entire aura that surrounds the event, be in Jaipur.

Dates: Jan 18-19, 2014
Venue: Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur

Jaipur Literature Festival


Lovers of literature certainly can’t let go this fantastic chance to meet celebrated national and international authors and listen to them speak. This festive program, where authors gather to dwell upon the progress of literary world, encompasses a host of activities such as poetry, debates, workshops and discussions.

Dates : January 17-21, 2014
Venue : Diggi House, Jaipur

Lagan Mandap Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition


The royal Jaipur welcomes you to experience an awesome Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition. The event displays a fashion show catering to all the wedding requirements-jewellery, cards, outfits, honeymoon packages and what not ! If you dream for a perfect wedding, this exhibition is definitely for you.

Dates : January 21-23, 2014
Venue: SMS Convention Center, Jaipur


Main attraction of the month is going to be Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival) that involves a holy dip into a religious tank at Galtaji Temple of Jaipur on January 14, plus flying & enjoying the colorful kites waving high all over the sky.


So this January is going to be fun- packed. So pack your bags and fly down to Jaipur to experience this amazing January in Jaipur filled with royalty and excitement. And , to experience the best of hospitality , check in at the Devraj Niwas, Jaipur located just half kilometer away from main Jaipur Railway Station and one km from main bus-stand.


We look forward to welcome you and your family, ensuring a hassle-free trip to the beautiful Pink City.

Make your bookings at

Devraj Niwas
Near Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.
Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660.

This Winter Get Cozy with Devraj Niwas, Jaipur

22 11 2013

The best time to have fulfilling holidays in Jaipur is here.  The weather is pleasant and ideal for enjoying sightseeing and the various activities. The mild coldness of the winter season makes the Pink City more loving. And when the Devraj Hotel is there accommodation is never a problem, where unmatched comfort blends in the calm ambiance of the hotel.


The ideal location of Devraj Niwas offers easy access to Jaipur’s forts, palaces and markets. Excellent hospitality at the hotel offers uncompromising retreat to you. The hotel is more than 60 years old property. It was renovated, ensuring it maintains its original feel of Colonial Styles to provide you contemporary comforts.

Devraj Niwas that blends nature with contemporary design is well-equipped to cater all the requirements of every traveler. For your comfortable accommodation, we offer Airport/Railway Station pickup & drop. The inviting green environs of the hotel guarantees to wash-out your tiredness of travelling.

There are 21 elegantly designed rooms in the hotel. Each room open in nature’s green environment and evokes a different mood. Each superior deluxe room is equipped with modern amenities such as air-conditioning, LCD TV, mini-bar, electronic safe, tea/coffee maker and attached bathroom with running hot and cold water. In tastefully crafted rooms, you will find handcrafted antiques with modern furniture. The tropical plants at the hotel create mini-courtyards to give absolute peace and privacy to each room.

This time, when winters have a strange spell on the city of Rajputs, why not take a trip round the city. And,  experience too modern ethos of eco-friendly vacations at Devraj Niwas Hotel.


Make your bookings at-

Address: Khasa Kothi Circle, Jaipur.

Contact:+91-90012-77333, +91-141-2200550, +91-141-2200660.

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