Say Cheers to Red Wine and Good Health

15 05 2014

Red Wine

Do you enjoy drinking Red Wine? Chill, it’s okay to admit. Most of us enjoy that amazingly good red drink. You will be happy to learn, if red wine is consumed in a moderate amount that means about a glass a day — has some awesome perks. Here, we bring to you awesome reasons to say cheers to Red wine and good health. Take a brief pause and know how a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away.

Healthy Glowing Skin
Red wine and beauty, really? Yes, Wine is great for a healthy glowing skin. It contains antioxidants that protects the skin and prevents it from ageing.

Protects from Disease
Another benefit of this magical red wine is that-it reduces chances of having a stroke, heart attack, bowel, diabetes, aero-digestive cancer as well as other diseases too; it is also good for the brain and increases longevity. In short, it is no less than an elixir of life.

Gives Good Sleep
Not just this! Red wine can give you a peaceful sleep too due to the presence of a substance called melatonin that stimulates body clock. So consume a moderate amount of red wine – 50 to 100 ml before bedtime for a happy and peaceful sleep.

Controls Weight
Wine (seriously, wine!) can help keep your weight in check. It raises the body temperature (one reason some people get red cheeks when drinking), thus boosting calorie-burning and controlling weight.

Prevents Tooth Decay
But that’s not all, red wine also prevents gum disease, and even helps to treat it by reducing inflammation in the gums.

Over-consumption of any alcoholic drink is linked to health risks, and this holds true for red wine too. But having a glass of red wine along with a healthy diet and exercise can be a marker for a healthier lifestyle. 🙂 So limit your red wine consumption to no more than 24 ounces per day and enjoy healthy life.


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Devraj Niwas, Jaipur Invites You For Exciting January Events

7 01 2014

Jaipur never runs out of events to play a host to your visit in the city. The pink city, where festivals and celebrations are common place all through the year has just wrapped up the New Year celebrations and stepped into a new year, new month : “Frosty January”.

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This January is all set to charm you not just by the rich heritage of the city but with a plethora of exciting events, involving a plenty of things to do and enjoy. Let’s know what all events making Jaipur worth visiting this month –

Décor India Show 2014

The show brings multitude options for you to handpick interiors to suit your taste and budget. At the exhibition, there will be interior designers and architects as well to help you out. If you wish to makeover your office/home, this is the perfect place to lookout for latest style and global trends.

Dates : Jan 09-13, 2014
Venue : Amrudon Ka Baagh, Jaipur

Jaipur Vintage Car Rally

If you’re a vintage car aficionado, you just can’t afford to miss this eye-catching extravaganza of classic beauties in the pink city. The gloriously resplendent cars of yester years in all their regal beauty will be lined-up to leave you with awe. This January, the royal Jaipur is ready to show you its royal attitude with pleasing vintage cars rallies. Not just for the cars but to experience the entire aura that surrounds the event, be in Jaipur.

Dates: Jan 18-19, 2014
Venue: Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur

Jaipur Literature Festival


Lovers of literature certainly can’t let go this fantastic chance to meet celebrated national and international authors and listen to them speak. This festive program, where authors gather to dwell upon the progress of literary world, encompasses a host of activities such as poetry, debates, workshops and discussions.

Dates : January 17-21, 2014
Venue : Diggi House, Jaipur

Lagan Mandap Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition


The royal Jaipur welcomes you to experience an awesome Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition. The event displays a fashion show catering to all the wedding requirements-jewellery, cards, outfits, honeymoon packages and what not ! If you dream for a perfect wedding, this exhibition is definitely for you.

Dates : January 21-23, 2014
Venue: SMS Convention Center, Jaipur


Main attraction of the month is going to be Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival) that involves a holy dip into a religious tank at Galtaji Temple of Jaipur on January 14, plus flying & enjoying the colorful kites waving high all over the sky.


So this January is going to be fun- packed. So pack your bags and fly down to Jaipur to experience this amazing January in Jaipur filled with royalty and excitement. And , to experience the best of hospitality , check in at the Devraj Niwas, Jaipur located just half kilometer away from main Jaipur Railway Station and one km from main bus-stand.


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Explore Jantar Mantar with Happy Lodging at Devraj Niwas

28 09 2013

It’s out of the affection we call this beautiful pink-walled, heritage Jaipur city a ‘Pink City’. From magnificent palaces to ubiquitous forts to sacred spots, there‘s so much of sight-seeing to do in Gulabi Nagari (Jaipur). Among several stunning remnants of a bygone era, Jantar Mantar is one of the finest work of art and worth seeing.

To discover the mysteries of the Cosmos and the Universe, several observatories were created in the past and Jaipur Jantar Mantar is one of them.
Built during the 1720’s when Jaipur was the seat of Maharaja Jai Singh II, instruments of this superlative observatory still used for forecasting weather, the duration of seasons, the intensity of the monsoon, and the prospects of flood or famine.

Largest of world’s five observatories, Jantar Mantar is a brilliant reminder of the royal heritage of Jaipur that arrests the attention of architects, artists, art historiographers and astronomy enthusiasts throughout the world.

You must come down to Jaipur to behold the beauty of this intriguing structure that stands as a royal testimony to a former epoch.


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