Murg Taka Tak : A new entry in menu !!

21 05 2014

Murg Taka Tak: When the name sounds so peppy and musical, the dish is bound to be a favorite among all the non-vegetarian lovers in Jaipur 😉
This yummy dish gets its name from the sound of spoon hitting the pan and breaking up the food while it cooks – taka tak is the rhythm of chopping.

Murg Takatak- The Forresta Kitchen and Bar

This new delicious boneless chicken dish at Forresta Kitchen and Bar is cooked in a fascinating style where the chicken mince is broken with metal or wooden spatula while cooking and it turns out to be a perfect chatpati delicacy that tastes best with any kind of bread and raita 🙂

So all you non-veggies in pink city, you have a new tempting dish to order and look forward to this time when you visit Forresta Kitchen and bar for a fun lunch or an exotic dinner meal. See you soon !!

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