8 Monsoon Snacks To Feast On At The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

1 07 2016

Come monsoon, come an irresistible desire to devour some spicy delish snacks and indulge in their supreme taste along with the sweet smell of rain ! And when a terrific weather and beautiful ambience is added to this taste, life can’t get cozier 🙂 So here are some snacks which are a must try this monsoon at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar and we suggest, that you start today 😉

  1. Cheese samosiks

Imagine sitting and having those cheesy bites of samosas while it rains outside the window with some hot tea. Divinity is right there knocking on your doors. Go grab the opportunity , oops, the bite! 😉

IMG_1190 - Copy 2.  Sikandri Raan

Inspired by the traditions of Northwestern frontiers, this cuisine is so inventive in its flavors that you will crave for more and more with each bite. This lamb recipe when combined with the spices brings out the dish of a lifetime! Yum-Yum-Nom-Nom!


3. Tandoori Mushroom

A platter full of low calorie, protein rich grilled mushrooms with the aroma of varied spices is a must have delightful starter that will put your heart on fire.



4. Murg Taka-Tak

Get into the tasty flavors of finger-licking , mouth watering Murg Taka-Tak which gets its name from the sound of the spatula that hits the pan (taka tak), breaking up the food in the process and murg being chicken!

IMG_1173 - Copy

5. Exotic  rolled Pizza

Flat breads of pizzas are just too mainstream.  Try a hand at this distinctive rolled pizza with the filling of uniquely wonderful veggies and seasoning!

IMG_1202 - Copy (2)

6. Honey Chilli Potato

The crispy potato bites with the taste of binaries honey and chilli does bring out the world’s best combination.

IMG_9803 - Copy

7. Veg Kurkuri

These crispy from outside and soft from inside vegetarian rumali rolls aka Veg Kurkuri is a modified version of pakode, not unfamiliar to any Indian foodie in rainy season 😀

IMG_1110 - Copy

8. Garlic Bread

The all time favorite appetizer, when coated with cheese, olives (both green and black ), there is no better season to enjoy this and soak into the favor of garlic than the rains 🙂

IMG_9156 copy - Copy

So stop reading, and start eating 😉

7 Heavenly Dishes You Need To Try This Winter

9 01 2015

With Winters, comes an endless appetite ! If your new year resolution includes not eating out, you better start it next month, as January is the month to just indulge in these Winter special delicacies at Forresta Kitchen & bar guilt free 😀

1. Tandoori Mushroom

Those barbequed button mushrooms with cottage cheese stuffing are calling out to you ! And they know you can’t live without them either 😉

Tandoori Mushroom


2. Fried Rice

What is life without lots of red, yellow, green vegetables all seen dancing together in a magical dish called Fried Rice ? And don’t forget the winter special green peas !

fried rice

Pic via Pinterest


3. Lal Maas

Till the time your eyes and nose are not watering because of the satiating and delectable spices of this special Rajasthani mutton preparation, you are not a true foodie :p

IMG_1431 copy


4. Tawa Fish

We bet that the taste of this Tawa fish will stay with you for some days till you want to come back and have it again.

Pic via Google.


5. Baked Spinach and Corn

As delicious as it looks, this is not just gorgeous but also brings joie de vivre to your soul with every layer touching your tongue and melting into your mouth.

baked spinach

Pic via Google.


6. Cheese Samosiks

These are just like you, crispy from outside, soft and lusciously cheesy from inside 😉 Try these Cheese Samosiks and feel the cheese melting and giving you warmth in this chilly weather.

IMG_1190 - Copy


7. Tandoori Tawa Platter

When a platter of exotic assorted kebabs and vegetables with mint sauce are served to you, you will love to call it a beautiful life served to you on platter 🙂


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