Sweet November

7 11 2012

November is cool and is the best time for travel and tourism. The sky is a mix of blue and white clouds and the sun is dominant. Temperature starts to dip at the end of the month marking the dawn of the winter season. The foggy mornings, warm afternoons and chilly nights have arrived in Jaipur. This weather is the best time to enjoy the maximum outings with your friends and family in the calm and breezy evenings in an open air ambiance.

Forresta Kitchen and Bar offers a perfect set up and set you in a tranquil mood when you sit there amidst the lush green environs and misty sprinklers.

A cozy ambience and elegant decor notwithstanding, many people prefer to dine outdoors in this kind of pleasant weather. Perhaps, that’s the only way to escape the dusty, hectic city and soak in nature’s bounty. An evening spent with a partner, family or friends is one of those very few memories which always stay intact in one’s mind. Hence we strive to make a beautiful place in your mind and life and live there forever. Apart from the magical ambiance, the variety of delectable cuisines at Forresta will delight your palate, giving you a sense of fulfillment and serenity while making it your most pleasurable time spent during November.

Embrace the Sweet November at Forresta Kitchen and Bar to create memories as sweet and lovely as the smell in the air.



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