Forresta Media Coverage

15 09 2012

Forresta Kitchen and Bar is an authentic fine dining restaurant and a part of Devraj Niwas, a cozy green hotel in Jaipur, situated in Bani Park, the center of Pink City. Devraj Niwas offers you an idyllic setting for a leisurely stay with the immaculately clean and stylish rooms combined with prompt service, a serene swimming pool, lush green environs and a delightful variety of luscious cuisines. The hotel has gained popularity in a very short span of time. Its recognition and fondness can be elucidated through the press coverage, articles and advertisements which have been featured in various newspapers and journals.

“By evening the graveled open space outside which was surrounded by trees and shrubs was ready to turn into a bar; tables were being laid out for dinner for those who wished to enjoy the cool evening breeze, undisturbed from the busy road outside which was just 100 metres away. The open air restaurant was humming with activity by dusk; people had started to stream in.”

-Blue Moon (A leading travel journal)

Forresta has also been covered by the most esteemed newspapers like DNA Jaipur, DNA Afterhrs etc.



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