Special offers at Forresta

1 08 2012

Forresta Kitchen and Bar is a comparatively new entrant in the food horizon of Jaipur but there is no doubt that it clearly distinguishes itself from the other well known restaurants in the city. Forresta does not just offer you a regular menu and a stable bar but it believes it bringing along something special for you every day. Beer tower and home delivery are some examples which we have introduced and they surely set apart our restaurant along with the ambience and taste which have always been the main appeal of the place.


But this is not the end. We have again come up with a unique way of making you feel special when you pay a visit to this place. There are some new offers available at Forresta :

  • Buy 6 drinks of Signature Whisky and get one Non veg/ Veg Starter free
  • Buy 6 drinks(30 ML each)  of Black Dog 12 y.o and get one Non Veg/ Veg Starter free
  • Buy 2 Vladivir Vodka and get 1 free

With the new month starting today we will have more promotions coming up this season.

So visit Forresta Kitchen and Bar for a relaxing ambience, your favorite bar, delicious food and special offers which will let you enjoy all of them together.




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