Make Your Own Choice!

28 04 2012
Browsing through the menu  at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar …you will find a variety of dishes that appeal to you. The restaurant is already known for its sumptuous dishes to tantalize your taste buds with its myriad flavors & ingredients.

Vegetarians can rest assured that there is a lot to please the taste buds. Try the Tandoori bharwa Aloo-stuffed potatoes garnished with sesame seeds or Paneer Malai Roll-The Forresta Special,cottage cheese delicacy, is a great options to open up the palate.

Paneer Malai Roll

To tease the taste buds, try the Tandoori Tawa Platter Veg which is a platter of assorted exotic kebabs served with mint sauce.

An all time favourite Dahi Ke Kebab will definitely leave you to have more.

Dahi Ke Kebab

 Sesame Honey Chilly Potatoes look delightfully tasty and inviting.It is a   tasty side dish that can be enjoyed by all. A good serving of the crispy  crispy sesame honey chilli potato is heavenly.


For the main course try Dal Makhani– a Forresta specialty, black lentils  cooked on slow fire with tomato, rich in butter & cream. Pair it with Sabz  Khada Masala which is a chilly hot mixed vegetables with a predominate flavor of whole spices,a  bit too tangy.

Sabz Khada Masala

Come along with family & friends and get into a groovy mood to enjoy exotic cuisines



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