Devraj Niwas : A perfect place to hang out !

2 03 2012

Well, Yes…you have to be a part of the crowd to know about these meeting places. More than anything else, you have to be young. In Jaipur, as in other cities around the world, there are places; there are ‘joints’ where the young ‘hang out’. In some of these places, they are there to be seen, in some because they enjoy being there.

The idea of a hangout could be different from person to person. For one, it could be a discotheque, while for other, it could be pub culture. Another proposal could be of just a place to laze around, have quick bites and take a sip of favourite juice or cappuccino.

Devraj Niwas is perhaps the most suited for unwinding with friends. Smoky space, a heavy-throated voice crooning at the mike and abundant alcohol flowing around is what best describes a night out at Devraj Niwas.

Known for hosting live acts, Devraj Niwas has hosted the likes of Shye Ben Tzur, Runa Rizvi, Prem Joshua and many more.

Do try our LIIT, Pina Colada and Planters Punch to go with the mood.

In fact getting in the groove of weekend, Devraj Niwas has also organised live band for the music lovers this weekend.

So, get into your boots and step in …

Devraj Niwas, Near Moti Mahal Cinema

Bani Park, Jaipur.

Call at- 0141-2200550,+9001277999, +9001277333



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